Tap titans 2 wiki builds

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Tap titans 2 wiki builds

If you played the original Tap Titans, you probably have a good idea of what to do. What do we mean by this? Sword Master. And if there are other heroes who have tap damage multipliers, upgrade them as well. And as we mentioned, you should upgrade Sword Master more so than the others. But beyond that, you should also make the most out of the actions you do by using three or more fingers.

Automatic heroes, aside from helping you earn a ton of gold while offline, come with a DPS damage per second multiplier at level 10, with the multiplier increasing every 20 levels thereafter. So with at in mind, upgrade everyone and max them out so you can take advantage of the DPS multiplier and earn money offline.

In addition to this, your automatic heroes will learn a new passive skill at specific level intervals, and as you know, passive skills are oftentimes more important than the active ones. These may result in a higher critical hit percentage, a higher mana cap, or a variety of other benefits. So if you plan to do most of your damage while at work or school or while in bed, make sure your automatic heroes are more than sufficiently leveled up! Remember the first Tap Titans? You probably had a field day with that one, using the time lapse to skip the wait and earn gold offline in a jiffy.

You probably used that cheat in order to level up faster. And if that happens, any gold collected by time lapsing will be forfeited. We suggest using this workaround with discretion, as you never know — you just might be caught for collecting ill-gotten gold, and maybe receive an even stiffer sanction!

Want to earn a lot of gold while the game is turned on? And with that said, the game only allows you to keep one pet active at a time. The number can be considered a magic number of sorts in Tap Titans 2. At this point, the Sword Master will learn Heavenly Strike, which is his first skill.

As the Sword Master has a damage per second rating of about 7, at levelthe Heavenly Strike is capable of dealing about three million damage. There will come a point in the game where you will be better off upgrading existing relics and artifacts than buying new ones. And, to reiterate what we did say, you should have the right pet fighting alongside you. You should also outfit your heroes with the best possible gear for better chances of winning.

When it comes to pet damage, their damage stats are based on a given percentage of your tap damage; that means boosting your taps would also give your pet something more powerful. This pet multiplies the tapping power, and if you want to use him easily, yet smartly, you should multiply the pet damage by the tap power multiplier, then multiply that figure by the tap percentage.

That makes Phobos one of the more dangerous and productive pets you can go with. How do you go about weapon upgrades in this game? Looking for even more goodies for free? Go ahead and play tournament mode when you could. How Is Pet Damage Calculated? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Clan Ship Build 1. If you see some errors in this build, please DM me on Discord.

I General Information CS build was only minorly affected from 2. Beforehand CO will do most of the damage work. Doom can be used for extra damage buff and Mana potion can be used for mana recover buff. Doom can be used once you hit a Boss wall and then you can begin gaining extra stages by splashing regular titans.

III Additional Information Most of the speed is from Portar, during the first run of a Tournament Portar will be disabled so inital run will take longer. Otherwise you won't get any Critical Damage. Make sure you have at least 4 skills active before clicking on PHoM, this will give you maximum gold. Without this, these builds won't be possible.

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tap titans 2 wiki builds

Cancel Save. This is the suggested build, while Anchoring Shot provides raw power the greater speed of this build will outperform Ash and give a larger boost by prestiging more often. Bold-Italicized number values indicate an increase in level of the skill per new total SP column bracket. GS gives a nice pushing power at the end of the run. You need a Chesterson Gold suit or All Gold, whicheve rmultiplier is higher. Most of the speed is from Portar, during the first run of a Tournament Portar will be disabled so inital run will take longer.

I want to also thank Parrot6 for his awesome optimizer.Hone your skills as the Sword Master by strengthening your tapping power with the teachings of the old guards.

Levels: lvl. Tap Damage per SP. The Heroes you hire lend their strength to increase your sword-wielding powers, converting a portion of their hero damage into tap damage. Tap Damage from Heroes per SP.

Tap Titans 2 Guide: On Artifact Tiers, Pets, Clans, When To Prestige And More

The strong bond between you and your pet encourages it to protect you with more furious attacks. Pet Damage per SP. King Midas has given your pet the power to generate gold.

When your pet is glowing, tap it to earn additional gold. HoM Gold per SP. A heavy attack that can do incredible damage when it lands, at the cost of reduced accuracy to score a critical hit.

Minimum requirements Stage: Knight SP: Maximum Crit Damage per SP. Ifrit, the God of Fire, summons a fiery inferno to aid you in battle. Fire Sword Damage per SP. Your pet learns a new ability to take down hundreds of Titans in one blow, charging up to destroy enemies with a massive amount of power.

Enraged by the overwhelming number of Titans, the Sword Master uncovers the ability to channel energy into furious swings.

During a boss battle, your pet soars into the sky.

Tap Titan 2 - Tournament Guide

Tap your pet while it is in the air for bonus damage. Show your Heroes the way of a champion by leading them into battle, increasing their damage output.

tap titans 2 wiki builds

All Hero Damage per SP. Your triumphs have been rewarded with the treasure of your fallen enemies. Increases your Chesterson Gold Bonus. Minimum requirements Stage: Warlord SP: 3. Chesterson Gold per SP. Inspire the morale of your heroes, allowing each inspired hero to deal maximum damage while War Cry is active. War Cry Damage per SP. Your Clan Ship rains down explosive shells over hordes of unsuspecting Titans, unlocking the potential for ship attacks to slash through Bosses.

Clan Based Damage per SP. Your Heroes have gained a deep understanding of how to maximize their abilities in order to defeat the Titans. Increases the strength of your Unlockable Hero skills. Minimum requirements Stage: Warlord SP: Multiplicative Hero Skills per SP. When your Clan Ship glows, tap on it to cover fire while summon a Clan Mate into battle. Your Heroes have mastered a secret technique which allows them to summon an incredible amount of power from the heavens for a short period of time.

Charges Clan Ship Attacks with electrical energy, causing affected Titans to become paralyzed for a brief period of time.

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Stunned Titans take additional damage per attack. Stun Damage per SP. The magical world resonates within you, increasing your maximum Mana Capacity and base Mana Regernation rate.Sign In Don't have an account?

tap titans 2 wiki builds

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Deadly Strikethe active skill that allows for a chance at additional damage when you hit a titan. Fire Swordthe active skill that gives Tap Damage. Also Forbidden Scroll. Hand of Midasthe active skill that gives gold Also Helmet of Madness.

Heavenly Strikethe active skill that deals a large amount of damage and splashes more than the standard 4x. Shadow Clonethe active skill that quickly attacks titans. Ambrosia Elixirthe artifact that gives Mana Capacity. Aegisthe artifact that gives War Cry Duration bonuses. Avian Featherthe artifact that gives Inactive Damage.

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Apollo Orbthe artifact that multiplies Pet Gold bonuses. Axe of Muertethe artifact that gives Critical Chance. Amethyst Staffthe artifact that gives Slash bonuses. Also Aram Spear, Anchoring Shot. Aram Spearthe artifact that reduces Titan Health. Also Amethyst Staff, Anchoring Shot. Blade of Damoclesthe artifact that gives Sword bonuses. Book of Prophecythe artifact that gives All Gold. Bringer of Ragnarokthe artifact that gives Fire Sword damage.

Book of Shadowsthe artifact that gives more prestige relics. Chest of Contentmentthe artifact that gives Chesterson Gold. Coins of Ebizuthe artifact that gives multi-spawn gold. Charm of the Ancientthe artifact that gives Spell Hero Damage.

Crown of the Constellationthe artifact that gives Warlord boost. Corrupted Rune Heartthe artifact that gives Splash Damage. Divine Chalicethe artifact that gives 10x Gold Chance. Drunken Hammerthe artifact that gives Tap Damage. Divine Retributionthe artifact that gives All Damage. Durendal Swordthe artifact that gives Non-Boss Damage. Elixir of Edenthe artifact that gives Shadow Clone Damage. Egg of Fortunethe artifact that gives Chesterson Chance. Essence of the Kitsunethe artifact that gives Multi-Spawn Chance.

Earrings of Portarathe artifact that gives stealth damage. Furies Bowthe artifact that gives Ranged Hero Damage. If someone asks you to log in using FB, they mean Facebook.Thus, the individuals who inflict damage in TT2 are your sword master and your heroes. Your sword master is your main hero and, at the beginning of the gameplay, it will be important to upgrade your Sword Master to earn enough coins to buy additional heroes that will help you fight or improve your skills.

Sword Master and hero damage increases with each upgrade, but the amount of damage doubles every 20 levels from level In addition to doing more damage with higher levels, Sword Masters also have the ability to unlock various skills when they reach certain levels. These skills can improve your gameplay and be useful for winning more coins or fighting difficult bosses.

Personally, the two skills I found most useful are the fire sword and the Midas hand. Once the skills of the Swordmaster are unlocked, they require mana to be able to use them. When you earn more coins with your Sword Master, Heroes will be available for rent.

Heroes fall into three classes: remote, melee and spell. As with your Swordmaster, you want to aim 20 levels at once before switching to another hero to maximize the damage. In addition to stabilizing, Heroes have skills that unlock at the following levels: 20, 40, 60, According to the hero, the skills they unlock vary and provide benefits such as gold multipliers and damage, higher chances of critical hits, damage to titans and more.

There are different ideas about heroes to improve first, but many players seem to recommend upgrading the heroes in your melee although the mix of all types is good. The reason the melee heroes are recommended is that when you reach Rhys and Cosette, they both increase your melee hero damage when you reach a new skill level.

If you prefer to focus on your heroes remotely or remotely, then focus on improving the heroes that increase the damage of this type of hero. For remote heroes, focus on Captain Davey Cannon. For spell heroes, Kronus.

You can check the unlocking skill list for any hero by tapping on his avatar. As you progress through Tap Titans 2, you will be truly grateful for your pets. You get a new egg for a pet every four hours or you can buy pets in the store.

For each duplicate animal you get, it combines with your old animal to level it. Different pets offer different benefits, similar to skills. First, the animals make a blitz every 20 shots. At levelpets can attack without your hits. Pets also give a bonus to your master or heroes, such as increasing the amount of gold, hero damage or hit damage. You can see all the bonuses for different animals, as well as detailed information on pets.

To gain prestige in TT2, you must reach level of the Sword Master. Most people will arrive around Stadium It is best to go ahead and gain prestige immediately after reaching the level. However, this will give you more relics to discover or update artifacts.

See the Artifacts section for more information on these. For more information on prestige strategy after your first visit, see this comprehensive guide.Even old pros from the original Tap Titans will find some changes in the sequel that make gameplay somewhat different.

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So the individuals doing damage in TT2 are your Sword Master and your heroes. Your Sword Master is your main hero, and in early gameplay, leveling up your Sword Master will be important in order to gain enough coins to purchase extra heroes to help in the fight, or upgrade skills. In addition to dealing more damage with level ups, Sword Masters also have the opportunity to unlock various skills when they reach certain levels. These skills can enhance your gameplay and be useful for gaining more coins or fighting difficult bosses.

Once Sword Master skills are unlocked, they require mana in order to use them. Heavenly Strike: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches level This skill deals a large burst of damage at once. Increases your critical strike chance. Rains down gold for every tap for 30 seconds.

My absolute favorite skill. Multiplies your tap damage by a massive amount for 30 seconds. This is my second favorite skill to unlock. Warcry: Becomes available when Sword Master reaches Level Increases all your heroes' attack speed by a massive amount for 30 seconds. This can be a useful skill. As you earn more coins with your Sword Master, Heroes will become available for hire. Heroes fall into three classes: Ranged, Melee and Spell.

As with your Sword Master, you want to aim at leveling these up 20 levels at a time before moving to another Hero to maximize damage they deal.

In addition to leveling up, Heroes also have skills that unlock at the following levels: 20, 40, 60, Depending on the hero, the skills they unlock vary and give perks like gold and damage multipliers, higher chances for critical hits, damage to titans and more.

There are varying ideas on which Heroes to upgrade first, but many players seem to recommend focusing upgrades on your Melee heroes though having a mix of all types is good. The reason Melee heroes are recommended is because when you get to Rhys and Cosette, they both increase your Melee hero damage when you reach a new skill level.

If you prefer to focus on your Ranged or Spell type heroes, though, then focus on upgrading the heroes that increase damage by that hero type.

Tap titans 2 set build Need help

For ranged heroesfocus on Captain Davey Cannon. For Spell heroes, Kronus. You can check the skill unlock list for any hero by tapping on his or her avatar. You get a new egg for a pet every four hours or you can buy pets in the store.

For every duplicate pet you get, it melds with your old one to level it up. Different pets offer different perks, similar to skills. First, pets do a lightning attack every 20 taps. At levelpets can attack without your taps Pets also give a bonus to your Sword Master or heroes like increasing gold amount, hero damage or tap damage. You can see all the bonuses for different pets, here along with in-depth information about pets. In order to prestige in TT2, you need to reach Sword Master level Most people will get there around stage See the artifacts section for more information about those.

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For more in-depth information on prestige strategy after your first, check out this comprehensive guide. You can get your first artifacts after your first prestige. Different artifacts provide different perks during gameplay and a number of folks on the TT2 subreddit have listed Artifacts by tier to help players decide which ones are best to upgrade.Posted by The Idle Gamer Guides 0.

The Warlord tree skills primarily focus on your hero damage. Investing your skill points here will skyrocket your idle damage and make tapping a thing of the past. The aim of this guide series is to tell you everything you need to know about the various skill trees. Check out our tournament guide for more information about those. But let us begin this guide with a quick overview of all the Warlord skills. The Master Commander skill tree directly increases all of your hero damage, clan ship damage and clan mate damage.

Spoils of war is not a good investment for new players because it needs a lot of skill points to be worth the investment. Investing skill points in Heroic Might directly boosts your War Cry skill. Every level also increases the total number of heroes which get inspired by activating War Cry.

An inspired hero does damage based on your total hero damage, multiplied by the War Cry multiplier. Aerial Assault directly increases the damage dealt by your clan ship.

It also increases the total maximum number of monsters your clan ship can splash through. This skill also increases the damage dealt by your summoned clan mates. Perhaps one of the most underrated bonus at first glance, Tactical Insight is a very good investment once you have access to most of the heroes in the game. The skill does increase both multiplicative and additive bonuses.

Increasing multiplicative bonuses can really mean a lot though.

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Searing Light works directly with War Cry. It gives your inspired heroes the ability to weaken monsters. Amplifying the damage dealt by your heroes and clan ship.

This skill gives you the ability to tap a silhouette that appears next to your hero. Doing so summons a clan mate to help fight alongside your hero. One of the many underrated skills in the game. Astral Awakening can increase your hero damage by a significant margin. The skill can be activated by clicking on the orbs, a total of five orbs can be tapped, each tap increasing your hero damage for 40 seconds.

Skill Builds

This skill modifies your clan ship damage and gives them a stunning effect. Stunning a boss will stop its timer from going down where as almost every damage against the titan will be amplified by the Stun Damage multiplier. All of the Warlord Skills can significantly boost your progression and help you break walls which you were stuck on.

Pretty much all the skills also scale off of your hero damage multipliers, or boost them in one way or another. These are exactly the reasons why the Warlord skill tree is considered a very noob-friendly investment. So let us get on with the basic FAQ.

Multiplicative bonuses are good. It depends almost entirely on how you wish to play Tap Titans 2, but even if you wish to tap your way through the game, Hero Damage is always going to be a huge factor for progression. Being able to just sit your phone idle while it climbs up thousands of stages for you? When it comes to maximizing your bonuses and multipliers, the warlord tree offers you several different ways of doing so. Skills like Tactical Insight and Heroic Might are highly underrated.

The basic thing you need to remember while working on a build in Tap Titans 2 is how multiplicative bonuses work. This is also very important when pets get involved but for now, let us focus on heroes.


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