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Dstar info

The site is dedicated to his work and inspiration as a friend and amateur radio operator with regard to DSTAR. With the support from Dave's family I was able to register the domain names necessary to begin the updating and rehosting Tampastar. After a few snags with the hosting service over the information it became clear that we would need to build out Tampadstar.

So here we are Dave. I think he would give us a nod and chuckle in that special humor only he could provide! We all miss you N2LZ. From basic information on what D-STAR is to detailed technical information, this site can hopefully solve your questions. This site also serves to continue the vision of Tampadstar. D-STAR is an advanced digital voice and data communication system designed with amateur radio in mind.

It connects repeater sites and users to form a Worldwide Amateur Radio Network. The D-STAR system also provides new capabilities and functionality to amateur radio that increases the effectiveness of our ability to provide vital emergency communications. Why are there listings that are not working? Wouldn't we all like to know Be aware!!

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User registration is a Three step process. Once the administrator approves your initial request you should receive an email with instructions for completing step three. Announced at the Hunstville Hamfest, a new registration process is available to all. The new solution promises to approve registrations within one or two days and is open to everyone, everywhere.

For the instructions on how to register, as always, head to www.

dstar info

To register you can go directly to the new site, Registration. Email us and let us know your thoughts COM Why are there listings that are not working? Do not register on more than one gateway! It has the potential of locking out your station on all gateways and limits you to local operation only.After reading this document the reader should read other articles, books, and web pages to learn the finer points.

So you just bought a fancy new radio that happens to have D-STAR, and you want to check out this new digital mode. D-STAR is a lot of fun. On most D-STAR repeaters an ordinary user can link to another repeater, or to a "reflector" that has many other repeaters linked to it already. No matter how many repeaters are linked, there is no delay to key the other repeaters, no need to key up for a second or two before speaking. Hams on other linked repeaters sound just as good as hams using the local repeater.

Thanks to the digital nature of D-STAR, the sound quality of a typical signal is excellent, at least until the other ham gets close to the edge of his or her repeater's coverage area, when the signal starts to sound like digital beeps and boops, which are often called "R2-D2" after the noises made by the robot in Star Wars. The intent of this requirement isn't quite clear, but my guess is that it's meant to keep "riff-raff" out of the system.

If so, this policy is already obsolete; many dealers are happy to register the call sign of any customer who buys a D-STAR radio, no questions asked. Until you're registered you'll only be able to talk on your local D-STAR repeater; your signal won't be transmitted to any linked repeater. Your local D-STAR repeater might have a web page where you can request to be registered, but generally the best method is to find the person who maintains the local D-STAR repeater, and ask nicely to be registered.

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You must only be registered by the operator of a single repeater, so don't ask more than one person to register you. It's possible to set up your radio for D-STAR and program your radio's memory channels using the front panel controls and the microphone, but that procedure is very complicated. I don't recommend that you program your radio manually except in an emergency, and this document won't tell you how.

I highly recommend that you program your radio with a computer instead.

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If you have a different radio model then you'll need to track down software that works with your radio. RT Systems sells software and cables that are easy to use, but are pricey, and only work on Windows. In addition to software, you'll also need a USB-to-RS converter cable, unless your computer has a serial port. You'll also need the programming cable that came with your radio. There are inexpensive cables with "clones" of Prolific chips that are difficult to get to work, thanks to driver difficulties.

If this sounds like too much hassle and you don't mind spending more money, you can always buy the RT Systems software and cable for your radio, which generally "just works". I recommend that you learn how to use the radio, and your programming software, with FM repeaters before you mess with D-STAR; that way you won't have to learn everything at once.

Of course you'll also need to set the mode "DV" and frequency, and if you're trying to talk through a repeater, the offset. At least there are no PL tones to worry about. When using the calculator only change one thing at a time, and each time you change something the page will take several seconds to reload; be patient. Hints: always select "Local Repeater with Gateway" rather than "Local Repeater"; have a look at the Calculator's help page.Discussion in ' Communications ' started by htperryDec 13, Log in or Sign up.

It works very well with any combination of the supported modes.

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I understand P25 support is coming. You can talk with any of these digital voice radios to anyone on the same mode or cross into the other modes.

dstar info

Got an email about the link system use the 19th evening for the digital Net - FYI below. Big footprint on this machine. I think I've heard in Statesville too. Thanks for the heads up HT Perry! I didn't know any details till your post. I see Steve's name coming up too.

I'll have to try it on my XPR base radio. ES44ACDec 13, It's called the Carolina Link. They have repeaters for everything! So the idea was simple, how can we tie all of this digital stuff together so it doesn't matter what radio you use, you'll always have one place in the Carolina's to talk with everyone despite what radio they use.

We don't have a "Net Nazi. Simple enough right? How do I access it?

Welcome to TAMPA D-STAR . Info

We have a RF bridge between these two links. We've recently added a Wires-X Node!

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D-Star is where things get interesting.To register your callsign with the D-Star network, please follow the steps listed below. Should you have any problems with registration, please contact. Please include your name, callsign, and a detailed problem description. You will receive a warning similar to the one below. You should see the web page shown below.

The following web page should be displayed. Enter your full name in mixed case, and your email address. Enter your new password in both fields. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and no longer than Your web page should look similar to the one below with your personal information shown. Your browser will display the following popup. Click OK to proceed on Firefox shown. Click OK. Your registration request has been submitted for approval. The gateway administrator must now log into the system to approve your request.

The approval may happen quickly or it may take a day or two depending on how often the adminstrator logs into the system. Even though the page states you will receive an email when your registration is approved, this functionality is disabled on the gateway, so you will need to periodically attempt to log in following the next step in the procedure to see if your registration is approved yet. Please be patient with the administrators, we have "real lives" to attend to as well! You should try to log in periodically to check on the status of your registration.

If your registration has not been approved by the administrators yet, you'll see the following page:. Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to log into the system and configure your personal information. You should see a web page similar to the following. Type in a single space character. Click on the pcname field to select it. Your web page should look similar to the following page with your personal information shown.

The previous instructions for setting up the ID-1 for data use still apply. Your registration is completed now. Click the Log Out button in the upper right corner to log out of the gateway server. The cert error page displayed in Internet Explorer The cert error popup dialog in Firefox 2. Click OK to proceed on Firefox shown 6.

If your registration has not been approved by the administrators yet, you'll see the following page: 8.The system was developed in the late s by the Japan Amateur Radio League and uses minimum-shift keying in its packet -based standard. There are other digital modes that have been adapted for use by amateurs, but D-STAR was the first that was designed specifically for amateur radio. Several advantages of using digital voice modes are that it uses less bandwidth than older analog voice modes such as amplitude modulation and frequency modulation.

D-Star Gateway Registration Instructions

The quality of the data received is also better than an analog signal at the same signal strengthas long as the signal is above a minimum threshold and as long as there is no multipath propagation. In addition to the over-the-air protocol, D-STAR also provides specifications for network connectivity, enabling D-STAR radios to be connected to the Internet or other networks, allowing streams of voice or packet data to be routed via amateur radio.

In an investigation into finding a new way of bringing digital technology to amateur radio was started. The process was funded by a ministry of the Japanese government, then called the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunicationsand administered by the Japan Amateur Radio League.

The first to be released commercially, was a 2-meter mobile unit designated ICH. Eventually, the card became available and once installed into the radios, it provided D-STAR connectivity. Icom, aware that the changes were coming, delayed the release of their hardware in anticipation of the changes. The Icom ID-1 1. It was the only radio to provide this function until the release of the IC in There are approximately G2 enabled repeaters now active. The goal of the project is to develop expertise in various aspects of satellite design and operation.

The system today is capable of linking repeaters together locally and through the Internet utilizing callsigns for routing of traffic. This allows amateur radio operators to talk to any other amateurs participating in a particular gateway "trust" environment.

This allows easy interfacing with computer equipment. The current gateway control software rs-rp2c version G2, more commonly called "Gateway 2. Though most Linux distributions should be suitable, the recommended configuration uses CentOS Linux 5. The CPU should be 2. There should be two network interface cards and at least 10 GB free of hard drive space which includes the OS install.

Finally for middleware, Apache 2. During installation, the Gateway 2. Additionally, gateways operating on the U. By this means a complete tracking of user behaviour is technically possible. Only one "registration" per trust domain is required. Each amateur is set aside eight Most amateurs will need only a handful of these "registered" IP addresses, because the system maps these to callsigns, and the callsign can be entered into multiple radios.Central Queensland now has the best digital voice coverage in Australia while the big cities seem to be lagging behind.

From helicopter lifts to access on quad bikes nothing is stopping us from moving into the future of digital voice.

The momentum has not stopped up here in the north with more and more amateur radio operators coming on-board and giving the digital modes a go! We are encouraging other clubs to follow our lead and start converting under utilised analog repeaters to digital voice repeaters. It truly is a lot of fun to build your own digital repeater from scratch. Check out the multiprotocol reflector at www. VK4RDS Mark has built in a few smarts to this setup such as remote power cycle and 3G modem connection for internet access.

Put your projects on the web.

Sunshine coast radio amateurs can make use of well priced second hand VHF radios such as the Tait p25 radios easily found on ebay. Dont forget to try the new multimode reflector DCSD. This special reflector allows operators in all the different digital voice modes to talk to each other.

Pi-Star Digital Voice Software

We are really starting to see some amazing progress in the DV space. These multimode reflectors are a step change in what you can achieve using digital voice modes. They allow all the different flavours of digital modes to talk to each other!

All repeater frequencies are listed in the latest repeater list from the WIA found here at this link Repeater Lists. During the holidays the Black Mountain repeater site upgrade was completed. A home brew multimode 2m repeater has been introduced to this site to provide overlapping coverage together with 2m VK4RSA Sarina multimode to the south. The new repeater controller houses the powerful Odroid SBC which uses an ocotacore processor.

The site has also been upgraded with remote monitored CCTV and intruder alarm system. Located near Emerald in central Queensland. The Gemfields area includes the towns of Sapphire and Rubyvale famous for unique gemstones.

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